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Hi Hi

November 11th, 2030 (06:23 pm)

Konnichiwa =]]

Piyoko desu~
I am Onshuu456 :) So add me if yu were my friend :)
Ill be posting the rest of my Kameda fic :)
I love
SuzakuX Lelouch (OTP)
etc hahaha XDXD
Hope to become gooooooooood fwends with all of ya
I will randomly post fics so hope yew like hehe

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(no subject)

November 22nd, 2008 (12:41 am)

Title- Existance
pairing- SuzakuXLelouch (Ive turned YOU into Lelouch =D)
Rating- pg

Edited by the amazingnanakibh</lj> she's like my hero and she's made this story all the more wonderful =D
Thank you again =D

This is for you, sute_hikahika</lj> who inspired me to write this, as well as this song by Azure ray called Sleep

I reccomend listneing to it =D whilst reading this story =D

well *Takes deep breath* here we gooooo =D



At times he would often ask, “How does it feel, knowing that everyone’s moved on…?”Collapse )

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Would you call this...

November 16th, 2008 (02:51 pm)

Title- What would you call this?
Pairing- SuzakuXLelouch
Type- Drabble

I got inspired to write this short drabble reading this fic by cou T_____T and i saw this image and was like
I was also listening to the boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru main theme so i reccomend listening to that while reading this to get into the mood *sigh* now I'll shut up and let you read :)
Would you call that your first love? The ability to shred your entire shield and soul; revealing the broken pieces? Collapse )



</span> </div>

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20 letters from you Chapter 1 part 3b

November 16th, 2008 (01:44 am)




Innocent laughters would echo throughout this place; at the same time pierce his body, shredding through his shield. This laughter would often lead him to the very same spot; amongst the flowing sakura blossoms and long, swaying grass there would be a boy; a teenage boy with deep violet eyes. Collapse )

xxtsubasaxx [userpic]

20 letters from you Chapter 1 part 3a

November 16th, 2008 (01:39 am)

nothings perfect, nothing is at all. No matter how much we strive for perfection, sadly no one can reach it because there isn’t such a thing.Collapse )


xxtsubasaxx [userpic]

20 letters from you Chapter 1 part 2

November 16th, 2008 (01:10 am)

Title – 20 letters from you Part 2
Chapter- 1/?

Pairing- Suzaku X Lelouch

Rating- Pg- NC17ish later

Author- ME


Zero watched her face carefully; not wanting to disturb her in her time of remembrance. Memories were really important for the both of them…especially Zero; they were the only thing which proved he once existed in life…or actually had a life. Collapse )


xxtsubasaxx [userpic]

20 letters from you chapter 1 part 1

November 16th, 2008 (01:05 am)

Title – 20 letters from you Part 1
Chapter- 1/?

Pairing- Suzaku X Lelouch

Rating- Pg- NC17ish later

Author- ME





It’s been nearly 2 years since I last saw you. I guess I’m getting use to being Zero…oh and I must apologize; your Zero suit has stretched quite a bit now…I guess it’d be a bit lose for you…if you ever came back… Haha…if…you…ever…Collapse )

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Suzaku X Lelouch Doujin....colour :D

November 14th, 2008 (05:43 pm)
current location: bah
current song: ------

Here's the colour version :) I really wanna be a better anime artist so i'm gonna practise hard :D

Preview :D

Don't call my name for no reason =_='Collapse )

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Random Suzaku x Lelouch doujin... well an attempt... xD

November 14th, 2008 (02:18 pm)
current location: meeh
current song: watching Shugo Chara :)

Okki I worked a bit harder on these ones :) I made Lelouch more lelouch like but like all cute and chibi kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aha xD not sure about Suzaku I had to look as LOADS of pictures of him to get it right *sigh* His hair was the hardest to do... LOL xD

Neeewaaaaay I'm gna upload two versions the non coloured and the coloured one :)  I am happpy to admit it is waaaaaaaay better than my other one i did :) However I can draw better but *sigh* I duno whats wrong with me LOL xD

newaaaay ENjoooooooooy :D:D

Here's a preview :D


Only Belongs to you :)Collapse )

http://xxtsubasaxx.livejournal.com/5626.html#cutid1 <------------------ Coloured verson :D

xxtsubasaxx [userpic]

Seven things i hate about you

November 9th, 2008 (04:54 pm)
current location: :D
current song: Miley Cyrus- 7 things

Title-Seven things I hate about you
pairing- SuzakuXLelouch

I got inspired to write this while listening to a Miley Cyrus song; yes I listen to her :D
aha xD and im also a Hannah Montana fan :P
The song was seven things and it made me think of my OTP suzaXlulu :D

Enjoooooy :D





God, I remember entering your room and the first thing I thought of was…housewife…what a disgrace to being a teenage boy being compared to a housewife…actually wait; I ain’t perverted or anything… any best friend would think that about a best friend right? They would also think you would look cute in a pink filly apron…and one of those bandanas…oh and a rainbow coloured duster…Oh and what about…wait, wait, wait…what am I saying? Collapse )

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